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Jessica Raquel

What began as a determined little girl's goal to make life easier for those in need, is now a dedication centered on making this world a better place. I am devoted to those I serve, and I believe together we can improve what we've been given and what we'll leave behind. I love how many opportunities life lends to create impactful change. As a storyteller, I aspire to continue to explore the world—immersing myself in the beauty of other cultures—as I use my voice, camera, words, and music to advocate for others. I will always use my artistic expression to help those in need.


My life was shaped by stories; I want to to help you tell yours.


Anchor/Producer/MMJ                                                                                                 2016 - Present

Photographer/Videographer                                                                                        2013 - Present

Communications/Media Specialist                                                                                         2016 - Present

Musician/Educator                                                                                                        2002 - Present

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